Kevin McKidd: Scottish television and film actor and director. Best known for playing the role of Owen Hunt in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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Kevin McKidd as Vorenus in Rome. Ohhh wow this is hot! :D

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Kevin McKidd - JUST a bit sexier than Trainspotting and Father Ted!! <3

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Annie Leibovitz for The Macallan Masters of Photography. Kevin McKidd

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Kevin McKidd aka Dr Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy..probably the only attractive red head male on earth haha

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kevin mckidd. My guilty pleasure! Bow Chicka wow wow

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Kevin McKidd - I want to run away with you. Shh, don't tell my husband.

Kevin McKidd. MY pic for Jamie Fraser if they EVER decide to do a movie(or a series) of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. --> I AGREE!

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Kevin McKidd by Annie Leibovitz

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Kevin McKidd as Marius Thorne, Sera's Father, general of Boulderoth's Leo Legion

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