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NASA published the first results of the Jupiter flyby the Juno space probe performed on August 27, 2016. In about six hours, Juno reached a distance of 4.200 kilometers (2,500 miles) from the planet and above all passed above both north and south poles. The result is a series of images of the aurora at infrareds with many detail never seen before. Read the details in the article!

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#astrophotography #planet #Jupiter imaged with SkyWatcher MN190 #telescope and ImagingSource DFK21AU04.AS camera. #astrofotografia #pianeta #Giove ripreso con #telescopio SkyWatcher MN190 e camera ImagingSource DFK21AU04.AS.


Earth, Jupiter and Venus taken from Mars. - Imgur


According to an astronomer estimate the Milky Way alone could host one billion gas giant planets like Jupiter. Twenty years of exoplanet discoveries and studies taught us that there are different types of Jovians and their study is important to understand the evolution of a solar system, including our own, given the influence of a planet of that mass. On the other hand, the study of Jupiter also helps our general understand of that class of exoplanets. Read the details in the article!

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This Picture Shows Something Strange Happening in Jupiter's Atmosphere

Next week, Juno—the solar-powered spacecraft that’s been closing in on Jupiter since 2011—will arrive to orbit the planet and send us back photos and data. But already, researchers have taken an infrared view of the planet that reveals an incredibly active atmosphere.


Gli amatori astronomi di tutto il mondo hanno analizzato l’atmosfera di Giove alla ricerca di tracce di detriti di un’esplosione che secondo il racconto di Dan Peterson e George Hall sarebbe avvenuta il 10 settembre.

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