Two of my favourite men on the planet; John Waters and David Lynch shaking hands in front of a Big Boy.

John Waters and David Lynch meet outside of Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Los Angeles, “Lynch had been with John Waters earlier on the day of the interview and almost got him to join us. David later provided me with a copy of his short film ‘The.

JOHN WATERS PORTRAIT 11 x 14 Graffiti and Pop Art by MrMahaffey, $55.00

Cult Film Pink Flamingos JOHN WATERS Portriat Divine Graffiti and Pop Art Inspired Original Painting on Canvas Divine Pink Flamingos

All Ratted Up Like a Teenage Jezebel-- How to dress like a John Waters character.    Baltimore pride FTW!

All Ratted Up Like a Teenage Jezebel-- How to dress like a John Waters character.

Divine as Dawn Davenport in Female Trouble directed by John Waters, 1974 as Dawn Davenport

A Bespecticled Divine (aka Harris Glenn Milstead 1945 actor, actress, singer, drag queen, performer Un poco de humor!

Edith Massey: she nearly drove John Waters over the edge- no mean feat

scarylarry: opalescentluminescent: Edith Massey: Egg Lady, Dreamlander and superstar! Don’t forget queen of punk mothafucka Bad bitches dont cry

Susan Tyrrell as Ramona Ricketts and Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward, Cry-Baby, 1990 (dir. John Waters)

mydarling: “ Susan Tyrrell & Traci Lords on the set of Cry Baby ”

DIVINE (1945-1988) * AFI Top Actor nominee. Active 1968-88 > Born Harris Glenn Milstead 19  Oct 1945 Maryland > Died 7 Mar 1988 (aged 42) California, enlarged heart > Other: Drag Queen, Singer. Notable Films: Pink Flamingos (1972);  Polyester (1981); Hairspray (1988); Lust in the Dust (1985); Trouble in Mind (1985)

Harris Glenn Milstead, also known by his stage name "Divine" - American actor, singer and drag queen. Best known for the film Hairspray. He died on March 1988 from an enlarged heart at the age of

John Waters' Christmas decorations

John Waters' Christmas decorations

Fans and friends have sent John Waters all kinds of crazy decorations -- a birdhouse modeled after the Unabomber's boarded-up cabin, a bedazzled antler, a bust of Ricki Lake as Tracy Turnblad in the original "Hairspray.

The Divine Mother by Austin & Zak, via Flickr

"The Divine Mother" by Austin & Zak. Sacred and profane - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

John Waters - I love his movies!

Rock and Roll taught John Waters how to annoy his parents, but it was the nuns from his local church, who inadvertently encouraged his interest in cheap, exploitation films