I want a boyfriend who looks like this who can play guitar just as well, probably asking for too much right? :P

Photo (Runaway Gypsy)

Jimmy Page - Rock god of Led Zeppelin - bad boys and their guitars?

http://custard-pie.com/ Looks like Jimmy Page has a pair of our Hells Bells!

Jimmy Page Kicking back and playing guitar. Probably Stairway to Heaven.

Led Zeppelin "Hard Rocks Stairway" Jimmy Page performs the "acoustic crescendo passage" moments before ... his climactic, electrifying solo on Zeppelin's grand "Stairway to Heaven!" Gracie Lynn

Lead guitarist - Jimmy Page. An incredible guitarist, musician, composer and innovator.

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Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Jimmy Page . Cannot believe I never pinned this until now. >>> One of my forever favourites. One of the first songs I learned to play on my Guitar was "Stairway to Heaven".I have been entranced ever since