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There's no one I love more than Jesse!!

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It looked as it the sidewalk started walking

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Jessie English photographer Jesse Rutherford Ampersand The Neighbourhood Fashion Icon David Bowie

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jesse rutherford 2015 - Google zoeken

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jesse rutherford, please.

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Jesse Rutherford

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Feels weird seeing a photo in color

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Jesse Rutherford] The name's Mathis, 25. I'm not a happy go lucky person but who is these days. My main weapon is an AR 15 or my machete. My lil' sis is Cass. She's all I got left. I worked at as I mechanic so I'm good with fixing things. I'm pretty intense and don't deal with other people's shit well. Probably why I don't have a lot of friends. My drinking problem might also have something to do with that but whatever. I'm just trying to survive.

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Tumblr- Jesse Rutherford

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Jesse Rutherford The Neighbourhood; if you love him you will love the video to "Afraid" ;) Oh myy

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Jesse Rutherford

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jesse rutherford - Buscar con Google

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