spitz puppy CANNOT HANDLE IT

Life expectancy to get a Japanese Spitz is in between 12 to 16 years and just like folks, dogs kept at a healthful weight will normally reside longer and healthier than these permitted to grow to be obese.

yuki the japanese spitz

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japanese spitz, 日本スピッツ

Japanese Spitz----to me this is an American Eskimo

Japanese Spitz all of the jap Spitz ive come across at work are little ratbags and thats just what i love about them!

Someday I hope to have another American Eskimo Dog. They really are an awesome breed!

Beautiful Japanese Spitz dog.  Frisky was my beloved childhood baby sitter.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Japanese Spitz is actually a household dog and it thrives on human companionship. It truly is an intelligent breed always eager to please.

My wonderful happy boy, Baron the American Eskimo (Spitz)... 3 years old.  Positivelypeachy.Com

My wonderful happy boy, Baron the American Eskimo (Spitz). 3 years old…

Benji the Japanese Spitz. Look at that smile; too cute!

The Japanese Spitz features a wedge-shaped head with pointed ears, a dark nose and dark lips.

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The Japanese Spitz was developed in Japan and originates from the Nordic and German Spitz dogs and has similarities to the Pomeranian.

Japanese Spitz

Wilson the Japanese Spitz What a cutie .Wilson, you have stolen my heart!