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James May and a Honda CB750 25 August 2013 for the October 2013 issue of Classic Bike magazine

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James May and his full-size Lego house nobody wants

Well done, May {Sadly, it was torn apart when it couldn't be moved from the vineyard it was built in :( }

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Quiet, the Captain is concentrating.

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'Jeremy Clarkson? He's the devil and a dimwit': James May on the problem with his TV co-star

'When I was at school we learned a lot of things that people simply don't do any more,' said James May

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James May <3

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Captain Slow's victory dance (I <3 James May) #TopGear

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James May transforms into silver fox with stubble and fashionable crop

Top Gear presenter James May October 2014

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Good Guy James. Top Gear.

Good Guy James

Good Guy James. Top Gear.

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Top Gear Trio Tweets and Whatnot.

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