<b>I'm hoping for rain this summer.</b>

Cards on the table, I am pale. Irish pale. Like this girl sunbathing. No, not her. The other one.

21 memes that are so you this summer

21 Memes That Are So You This Summer

These summer memes are all too real if you've ever struggled with summer body issues, summer laziness,.

Mixed Girl Problems | My skin is lighter than my original tan skin in the winter then in the summer, my skin is darker. I hate summer sun.

Irish girls start snow white, then go to sickly but still alive white, then go to "Hey, look, I actually have a skin tone!

This makes me laugh, esp after what my hubby said Saturday.

A sense of doom awaits when you are not prepared for the beach. (look closely)

legit. People are always like "dang! Your pale!" So what I'm pale. Being tan can kill you! I like living thank you very much!

Welcome to world of a pale girl.(: I was out I the sun for 2 hours and now look like a tomato!

Another reason why we love Merlin. Sometimes I use an umbrella outside to do my homework so I don't get burnt!

Not only is this post of Colin Morgan referring to himself as a "pasty Irish boy" oddly amusing, but it demonstrates the dedication true actors put into their craft. (This was during the BBC show 'Merlin'.