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How to Use a Tampon

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If you're looking for alternatives to bleached & dioxin treated pads & tampons as a better health choice, check this out! Try Naturacare products & read this too:


29. Every morning, except Sundays we had exercise class right after breakfast. We had to wear a leotard and tights or pantyhose. The leotard could be any shade of pink and could be any style; shoulder strap, short or long sleeves and coverage of the butt either full coverage or show a little buttock. We had to be tucked and looking like a female in the groin. It was all women's exercises like aerobics and some yoga. We had to do our exercises with a tampon inserted. It was a group exercise.

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If Tampon Instructions Were Actually Helpful

Step 6: Holding the grippy part in the middle of it insert the tampon up your hoo-ha until you get to said grippy part, then STOP. (DON'T INSERT THE WHOLE FRIGGIN’ THING, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THAT’S WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE YOU SHOULD DO.)

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I never thought I could use tampons

I assumed something was wrong with me because I can't insert a tampon without feeling pain.


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"No chafing!" No mechanical gadget to aid insertion (because none is needed). Imagine writing ad copy for Fibs tampons. You have to extol their virtues, without catchy slogans like "when the red tide rises, Fibs surprises!"


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