Mango Pudding (video

Mango Pudding ~ This simple, yet elegant dessert captures the glorious taste of fresh mangoes in a rich and silky pudding texture.

Saffron rice kheer - Indian rice pudding - one pot dessert recipe makes an easy Indian dessert/ sweet option for every special occasion. It's gluten free .

Coconut Ladoo

Find easy and delicious desserts recipes that get all the compliments. Show your love by making these classic sweets including pies, cakes, homemade ice creams.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak - The ever famous Indian sweet made with besan flour (chickpea flour) and ghee. The perfect melt in your mouth texture you would go crazy for.

Easy Indian Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder

Nankhatai (Indian Sortbread Cookies) Light and flaky shortbread, flavored with cardamom and vanilla will just melt away in your mouth!

Simple Milk Powder Burfi

Simple Milk Powder Burfi Recipe - a very simple and easy Indian dessert recipe made in a jiffy with milk powder.

Holi Recipes, Holi festival 2017 Sweets Recipes

When I hear word “HOLI” , first thing that comes to my mind is color. Holi is an…

How to make Fruit Custard

How to Make Fruit Custard Recipe with step by step photos. An easy and healthy Indian dessert made with mixed fruits and custard. Perfect for any occasion.

Shahi Tukra with Condensed Milk

Shahi Tukra with Condensed Milk - Indian style Bread Pudding with Creamy Rabri - Diwali Dessert (Common in Pakistan)

18 Indian Desserts Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

India: Coconut Burfi - 1 cup each: sugar, milk, whipping cream, unsweetened grated coconut (I used frozen grated coconut that I thawed in the microwave) 1 teaspoon ground cardamom 2 tablespoons sliced pistachios or almonds