Quick Masala French Toast

Quick Masala French Toast is a perfect fusion recipe which you can make for your breakfast with no time. It is a perfect combination of toast, eggs and vegetabl

Neer Dosa

Learn how to make Neer Dosa - A simple, easy and healthy South Indian breakfast made with rice and coconut (optional). Goes well with chutney.

18 Delicious South Indian Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

Do you know that the breakfast dishes from south India are a combination of taste and health? Here are 18 delicious south Indian breakfast recipes for you to check out

Onion Uttapam

Onion Uttapam - A delicious and healthy South Indian breakfast. It is nothing but a variation of dosa, which is slightly thick like a pancake and topped with a lovely spread of onion and optionally ot (Vegan Gluten Free Pizza)

Chana Dal Idli Recipe | My Breakfast Table #MTCNashta

Chana dal idli is another variation of South Indian Breakfast Idli. Chana dal idli, as the name suggests is made with chana dal, rice is South Indian tiffin - white blouse with blue stars, bow blouses womens shirts, white and navy blouse *ad

Indian Breakfast of Poha Made Healthy

Vegetable Poha is popular healthy Indian breakfast dish made with flattened rice and lots of vegetables. Vegetable poha been comfort breakfast from as long

Egg Bhurji Breakfast Wraps

Top 15 Yummy Indian Breakfast Recipes For Your Kids

Highly Recommended: Top 15 Indian 4 Ur "Getting kids to eat breakfast is a tough job. Being a mother of two, I go through this ordeal every day.

Veg chilli cheese toast

Chilli cheese toast is a quick and delicious Indian snack! Spicy and cheesy. It's not to be confused with the chilli you get here in the US. It's a simple, open faced toast wit.

Poori masala recipe | potato masala

poori masala recipe with step by step pics. hotel style yummy potato masala for pooris and dosa. poori masala makes for a good breakfast or lunch or brunch.

Indian Stuffed Potato Paratha

These Indian Stuffed Potato Parathas are perfect when you want to have delicious classic Indian food, but don't want to make anything too complicated! Each bite is bursting of delicious flavors that you won't be able to forget!

Uppu Urundai

"Uppu Urundai", a healthy South Indian breakfast / evening snack. "Uppu Urundai" literally translates to Salted Balls in Tamil. However it is anything but a simple salted ball. It is steamed rice balls flavored wonderfully with Indian seasonings.

Mango Chia Pudding

Mango Chia Pudding I Mango Chia Seed Pudding is a delicious, very easy to make and very healthy breakfast option which can be made in just a few minutes.

Rava dosa

Rava dosa made by soaking the flour for few hours to get a homogeneous texture, as well as crisp dosa. Full video and step by step pictures!