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Well , we aren't all born with the " nice " gene . Some of us need to be chemically altered out of bitch mode .


there's more to it than meets the eye across the counter

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6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

Yes, age, genetics and body size play a role in the speed of your metabolic rate. But there are natural ways to boost your metabolism. Learn how here.

Sumptuous display by Gaetano de Luca at his pharmacy in Rome, 1750. Sugar was first sold with drugs and herbs at apothecary shops, as seen in this ..Like spices in the early modern era, sugar was a rare and much prized substance used by the rich for true conspicuous consumption. Sugar had multiple roles, serving as a medicine, a sweetener for beverages, and an ingredient for pastry and confections. Table decorations made of sugar paste had been featured in banquets since the Middle Ages…


buongiornolink - Da oggi nelle farmacie francesi, test per Hiv fai da te

Add white candles of various size to your tables instead of tea lights to give a lovely look and good light in dimmer venues. (source - Kinfolk)


Farmacy! This is wonderful! As TRUE medicine should be!

MaPharmacie drugstore by José Lévy, Paris store design ~ ‘MaPharmacie’ (my pharmacy) differs from the sterility associated with the medical industry and promotes an engaging apothecary. Reflective surfaces and bright lights illuminate the space to create a more lively, almost arcade-like, setting. The stockroom at the rear of the shop, is separated by a plant wall to symbolize the role of a shaman in the rainforest.


The role of Vitamin D deficiencies in thyroid disorders