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On average, tattoos remain between 2 and 5 days depending on the area. The paper used to print tattoos is excellent, hypoallergenic and allows a long held without deterioration.

Kind of like the inclusion of the letter maybe would put an M for the letter of my last name before I got married the bee tattoo is for family after all

The latest Plan Bee initiative by our friends at Buglife (T he Invertebrate Conservation Trust) is to create Bee Roads by planting corridor.

For the bee is beautiful as it works for its sole purpose

Photo (A well traveled woman)

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Check it out: The tattoo artist shared a photo of the results - a cute bumblebee on her little finger

Emilia Clarke gets bumblebee tattoo on her little finger

Dr woo tattoo artist - Lil 🐝 on a ☝🏻for the sweet and kind the real deal mother of 🐉🐲🐉