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Nutrition Scavenger Hunt (Middle School Health & Wellness Lesson Plans)

Help your middle schoolers learn about nutrition with Project School Wellness' nutrition scavenger hunt! This health lesson plan is perfect for any middle school health curriculum!

There are many other ways to contract STD's, not just unprotected sex. This photo shows many different ways of contracting the disease, the common STD's in women and men, what you can get if your partner is infected, and the mortality rates for the top countries.

What You Should Know About Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Why You Are an STD Risk and other facts about STDs [infographic] So need to put this up at our clinic, since we treat STD's all the time.

6 Secrets a Nutrition Label Can Tell You: Free Poster for Middle / High School Science & Health #weareteachers

Free Classroom Poster: Understanding a Nutrition Label

6 Secrets a Nutrition Label Can Tell You: Free Poster for Middle / High School Science & Health (Nutritional Labels LPs)

Every health teacher and school counselors needs this mental health worksheet! Use the magic of Inside Out to teach kids about mental health and how to thrive! This Inside Out lesson plan can be use in any middle school health classroom!

Mental Health & It's Impact on Well-Being Worksheet - Inside & Out of Happiness

***** Empower emotional intelligence (and social intelligence) in your students with these Inside Out Inspired Lesson Plans! Lessons plans come with three

It infuriates me that most girls (and boys) in PUBLIC high schools are not fully educated about sex. They are denying these teenagers information about their feelings, their health, and most importantly THEIR BODIES. I went to an all girls Catholic high school where our religion classes discussed the morality of sex while our health classes actually talked about STDs and birth control. Why isn't this happening in public schools?

Oh La La! Let's Learn a Little with These Sex Infographics ...

We need comprehensive Sex Education. Kids need to be educated on everything about sex and the consequences. Abstinence does not work and we need schools to provide better sex education programs.

Nutritional Health Worksheet - Whats On My Plate?

Nutritional Health Worksheets - What's On My Plate?

Nutrition: Nutritional Health Worksheet - Whats On My Plate? For Kristy and Lorelai (health and early childhood studies)

whoa: food to eat once in awhile. slow: food to eay some of the time. go: food to eat all the time.

PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education whoa: food to eat once in awhile. slow: food to eay some of the time. go: food to eat all the time.

Character Education Lesson on Resilience for Teens

Resilience Character Education Values for Health Class

This Resilience unit is a crucial element for strengthening the core curriculum and ensuring our teenage students have a growth mindset and can bounce back from adversity so that they can succeed and reach their goals!

Nutrition: WOW what a find! Loving this!!!! :) My Plate Cut and Paste Activity Sheet

My Plate Cut and Paste - A worksheet on the new USDA food recommendations. After a lesson on the "Food Plate" students can use this worksheet to plan out a well balanced menu for one day.

How to Use YouTube for Mental Health Educational Group Activities

Using YouTube Videos in Mental Health Educational Groups

Activities have the power to engage mental health clients in groups where they learn knowledge and skills to cope with the challenges they face. Use these activities to make your groups fun.

What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brain

Lack of sleep only has negative outcomes. When you don't get enough sleep you get angry easier and you are at a risk for depression if the lack of sleep is consistent. Being tired also makes you have (Step Quotes Anxiety)