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Keep hating. Your pitiful little degree, that deformed body, fake-ass, goody-goody thing you got going--and STILL you aren't but a fat cow surrounded with equally pathetic fat cows like you.

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Hater quotes – When people hate on you, it’s because you’ve got something they want

I would like to take this moment to thank you, bull-shitters who cheat off my tests, assholes who treat me like shit and divas who spend more time fixing their hair than breathing... ♥ Thank you :)

Reading, Thinking, and Daring Greatly

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Why Having Haters in Business is a Good Thing. // Hater Quotes // Haters // Quotes about Haters //Business

Why Having Haters in Business is a Good Thing

If you think having haters is frustrating, it is. But it can also be a GOOD thing.

Love, you don't know me. At all. Nothing. Zero. Don't comment as if you have a clue who I am. You know a bunch of lies. That's not reliable sourcing. You hate me because I took what you wanted. Let it go. It's over.

10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean WITH KIDS

We assume, stereotype, and gossip to make ourselves feel better. Let's stop that and just spread love and kindness. Besides, we know how awful it feels to be talked about.

Ooh, that's deep

Sad but true for most people. So glad I'm surrounded by so many strong, confident women that I don't often think if this.(everybody loves you untill you become competition)