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Harold Wilson, Prime Minister in the UK (1964 to 1970) - He's the inspiration behind The Beatles' song, "Taxman"


Biafran students at a Biafran War protest rally at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London, protesting the British prime minister Harold Wilson’s quiet government support of the Nigerian militaries attack and blockade on Biafra, 1968. Photo: Evening Standard / Stringer.

69:Harold Wilson 1916–1995 Dates in office Second term: 1974-1976 Political party: Labour: Harold Wilsons modernised. aided by the “white heat of the technological revolution”. His government supported MPs in liberalising laws on censorship, divorce, abortion, and homosexuality, and he abolished capital punishment. Crucial steps were taken towards stopping discrimination against women and ethnic minorities, and Wilson’s government also created the Open University.

BAC TSR-2. Scrapped because a Harold Wilson probably did not want to upset either the Americans or the Russians. Ordered the F11, which was cancelled, followed by F4 Phantoms.


Postcard of Jeremy Thorpe, Harold Wilson & Edward Heath

Postcard of Jeremy Thorpe, Harold Wilson & Edward Heath