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More guns is not the solution. Would you give more alcohol to a drunk driver? Would you give more drugs to a drug addict? Why do idiots think more guns will help solve gun violence?

When we protect guns more than we protect children we become an uncivilized society.

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oh no, this makes way too much sense for America's gun-horny, violence-obsessed rednecks

This quote by Adolf Hitler shows how some believe Obama is heading towards tyranny and communism. Some feel that he is trying to put to much control over the people and that guns will be his first step in getting rid of a democracy.

GUN CONTROL: Second Amendment Doesn’t Give Americans The “Right to bear Arms” It Prohibits the Government from ‘Disarming The People’.

Well, that takes care of that whole gun control debate quite handily, now doesn't it?

Now gun control fanatics, you think on this and you come back when you're ready to start preaching some logic and start protecting the amendment.