"cats taught me that lying is a sunny spot is a wonderful feeling", excerpt from Reach for the Sky

Learn everything about American Bobtail Cats. Find all American Bobtail Cat Breed Information, pictures of American Bobtail Cats, training, photos and care tips.

Flakekit. Loves to pounce on falling snowflakes. Wants to be a warrior. Found on the outskirts of the territory

This is ravenkit. She is the kit of orangeclaw. She is playful and sneaky

'Play with me Mummy' ~ Adorable Little Grey Tabby Kitten - Aww!

12 Cute Cat Pictures for Your Day


Aris: Rank: Paws of the Forgotten Loner Group Alive or Dead: Alive Cause of Death: Murdered by Squire thin grey tabby tom with pale green eyes

Tabby Cat Personality and Behavior (Tilly is a Mackerel tabby) This describes Odin! He is a perfect grey tabby. He is a people cat and loves to talk. He reminds me very much of the tabby in James Harriots children's book, "Oscar Cat About Town"

Tabby Cat like one of my favorite pets, named Bambi. (Cuz I'd just finished reading the novel that Disney based the cartoon from).

Grey Tabby- CUTEST KITTEN!!!

Grey Tabby - Of course in my dream place, with a barn comes rodents, so naturally I'd need a good mouser.

Made to Order Napping Kitten Ornaments - Choose Ginger Kitten, Grey Tabby Kitten, Tuxedo Kitten or Calico Kitten

Choose your favorite little sleepy head and I will make it up just for you! Would you like the ornament personalized for that special someone?

Silver tabby I want her!!!!!!!

I believe this is a British silver tabby shorthair. I would love to have a silver or gray tabby companion for Micah!

Sleeping grey tabby kitten photo pet by AndyDaveyPhotography

Sleeping grey tabby kitten on canvas print, artist grade canvas, limited edition canvas wall art

Ma, de utter kitties says I looks like a duss bunny!

Free desktop wallpapers and backgrounds with Persian Baby, Animals, Cats, Kittens, Photography. Wallpapers no.

"You Gonna SHARE Your Tuna ?"

12 Weird Things All Cat Owners have definitely done

I luv grey catz! They are the cutest and the first pet I get in my home when I'm older will be a grey kitten.