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Horseshoe crabs spawning at tideline, Delaware Bay, New Jersey

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Anatomy of the Horseshoe Crab

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Living Fossil The earliest horseshoe crabs were found 450 million years ago as fossils in strata. Many think of them as crabs and crustaceans when in fact they are more related to spiders and scorpions. Under their enormous shell, their bodies also look more like those of spiders.

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This is hands down the cutest, summery door knocker I've ever seen (and it's right in Boston... in Beacon Hill!)

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A Final Journey Set In StoneSomething unfortunate happened to a horseshoe crab some 150 million years ago. A harsh storm washed it into a toxic lagoon, where it scrambled around and eventually died. What it left behind was remarkable - a perfectly fossilized story of its final, brief journey, capturing the longest, complete death track ever found.The horseshoe crab, Mesolimulus walchi, was discovered in Solnhofen, Germany, along with many other beautifully fossilized animals. The soft ...

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How to Preserve a Dead Horseshoe Crab

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Dune Time Arts. All the Horseshoe Crab shells have been found washed up on the beach at Davis Park, Fire Island, NY, their life force long gone from them. No Horseshoe Crabs have been harmed in the creation of these works of art!

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Atlantic horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus), by Brandon Woo

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Horseshoe crab watercolor

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Horseshoe crab sculpture!

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