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Archie’s Club à Gogo

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My favorite part of the Ama's was seeing the people trying to sing and Dance to the rhythm but at the same time not knowing what was going on

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The worst is when u feel good enough to go but your contagious so your confined to your room!!!!!'!!!!!!!!

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I am always super nervous, but then I just step back and remember what I am working towards... being the best I can

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another creative video from OK GO - "Skyscrapers" #dance #colors #rainbow

another creative video from OK GO - "Skyscrapers" #dance #colors #rainbow

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This is my kid...ready to go 2 hours early!

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David Bowie and his wife this photo of them both, they truly loved one another and it shows from all the photo's taken of them both together.

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Footloose Line Dance: another brain break. If I can teach them cotton eyed Joe I think they can do this too.

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Lily Evans-Potter (because after her and James started going out, she was an honorary Marauder). Dancing. Although both James and Sirius could ballroom dance due to their pureblood upbringing, Lily could do any kind of dancing. Seriously. Even breakdancing and swing. Every kind. She started trends at Hogwarts dances and people would often form a circle around her to watch.

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this is just perfect who says girls can only dance ballet tap or jazz girls can do hip hop and so much more

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