Going Away Sayings | got away is the one who won t go away

The only thing worse than the one who got away is the one who wont go away funny quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

Oh how I wish for this feeling to go away

Oh how I wish for this feeling to go away

@Regrann from @r.h.sin - My question to you is why are you trying to save a relationship that they're not even concerned with losing? Why in the hell are you fighting for something that no longer deserves your energy? Stop chasing people who encourage you to walk away. Stop choosing people who refuse to choose you. For me @whiskeywordsandashovel is all about tackling the issue of letting go and moving closer to what you deserve. #poetry #quotes #writersofinstagram #writtenwords #writersofig…

Donot tell lie myilu. u never made me as priority , if u did then u might have told mom that u r loving me . then how r u saying u made me as priority.

I need to remind myself because it's true. There's better out there than someone who led me on

cwote: “ This may be a difficult thing to see right now; this may be an impossible thing to envision, but it’s something you need to internalize.

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