"Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books."

Go Ask Alice, Anonymous. Honest, controversial and engaging for all teens tempted by the allure of drugs. A visceral portrayal of a teen's descent into addiction.

▶ Go Ask Alice [1973] Full Movie - YouTube. Go Ask Alice is a 1971 novel about the life of a troubled teenage girl. It is written by Beatrice Sparks in the form of the diary of an anonymous teenage girl who becomes addicted to drugs.The diarist's name is never given in the book. The novel's title was taken from a line in the 1967 Grace Slick-penned Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" ("go ask Alice/when she's ten feet tall"),

Dark Humor or Satire Of a Obese Social Outcast College Girl Who, After A Vicious Car Accident Awakens With a NEW Look And Begins a Vengeful Quest on her torm.

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Jefferson Airplane ~ White Rabbit, 1967

SO hard to grow up right in an era when THIS was the sort of songs they were making, and making popular. Can't imagine what kids today are up against with the total filth that passes for "music" these days.

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