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Hula Hoop game -- This game is easy, classic, and fun! Even up teams. One hula hoop per team. Each team stands in a line, holding hands. The goal is to be the first team to get the hula hoop from one end to the other end without braking the link.

Happy Camper Seek It - Printable Matching Game!

Happy Camper Seek It - Printable Matching Game! (My Computer is My Canvas)

Squirt Gun Water Races by Made From Pinterest

Squirt Gun Water Races

Free printable outdoor scavenger hunt.  Print this directly onto a paper bag so your kiddos have somewhere to collect all of their goodies!  Perfect for camping, nature walks, and camping parties!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt and S'mores Printables

NEW "PIN-FRIENDLY" IMAGE - The 13 Best Glow In The Dark Games For Youth Camp.  #8 is my favorite!

Are you looking for the best Glow In The Dark Youth Camp Games? Christian Camp Pro has put together a list of the 13 best glow in the dark games.

http://christiancamppro.com/include-everyone-with-these-5-large-group-games/ - large group games for youth or kids

Games like Chain Tag, Bowling Blitz, Animal Coin Hunt, and Bulldog Tag, are just a few of the super fun games that are ideal for large groups of participants. Here are five great games for large groups that you will want to [.

Haha, that's too fun

Haha, that's too fun


Things To Do At Night While Camping with Boys

I've gathered up a few great ideas on things to do at night while camping with kids from telescoping to lanterns to campfire desserts and more!