10 easy games that kids will love in Sunday school!

10 Bible-Blast Games

HollysHome - Church Fun: Minute to Win it - Old Testament Bible Style Games
5 WEBSITES EVERY NEW YOUTH PASTOR NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT 5 Websites New Youth Pastors Need To Know About.
Southern Plate: How to Plan A Scavenger Hunt For Teens

How to Plan A Scavenger Hunt For Teens

Popcorn Sharing Icebreaker | Youth Ministry Collective
This game is called “train wreck.” Youth Ministry Ideas and Games.
This looks like an easy chapter activity except the marshmallow throwers are blindfolded. Gridley FFA - www.OneLessThing.net

Marshmallow Drop Chapter Activity

Top ten games with no prep, no supplies and no materials | Youth Group Games | Games, ideas, icebreakers, activities for youth groups, youth ministry and churches.
Water jug baseball for combined YM/YW activity
#cupsanddowns is a game where one team tries to turn all the cups upside down and the other team tries to turn them right side up. Youth Ministry Ideas and Games.
This is a great review game!  You could put headers for Books, Key Passages, Completion, and Quotation verses for Bible Drill and then have slips of different verses to review!
Summer Time Water Fun

Summer Time Water Fun


Easy and Fun Ways to Entertain Your Church Youth Group

Youth group wet and wild messy game night. Great summer activity for church youth groups...list of activities & supplies included!