Cute Bridget! I get scared! Lol! Do you have classes or are they cancelled? Oh and the next time you say ewww over pics of my incision, I will cut you off of my closet! Seriously, I thought it looked good! It still hurts....that damn swelling! Your brother is home today so I have help with the snow. Call me after your last class, that's if you even have class. Keep sending me pins for my board, okay? Love you, Mum xoxoxo

I hope that when I have my daughter she will have the same sense of humor me and my mom

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Aging Humor: Getting older is like being on a roller coaster… there are highs, lows, laughter and tears and sometimes… you may pee your pants a little!

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Free, Birthday Ecard: I was going to joke about getting older but then realized I was OLDER so Happy Birthday my DEAR old but younger then me friend.