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Geocaching 101: Learn what it is, where to go, what you need and where to learn more!

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#16 Bring Tools of the Trade (TOTTs) to assist you with those tough finds.

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Besides the illicit materials, do not put bubbles, soap, or food in a geocache. DO put trading cards, foreign coins, glow sticks, toy farm animals, toy soldiers, toy bugs, plastic rings or any costume jewelry, small compasses, keychains, small LED flashlights, carabiners, matchbox cars, playing cards, small cache containers, small tools, balls, puzzles or games, emergency rain ponchos, small first aid kit, unique cookie cutters, ornaments

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An sneaky geocache hide; this would be easy to miss! You would need an existing hole though or to place the support post yourself; remember you can't make holes in things you don't own! (pic by 5k_a_day_) #IBGCp

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How To Start Geocaching As A Family

How To Start Geocaching As A Family Now! It's a fun outdoor activity for families, ideal for summer and fall.

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The Checklist: 100 Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later - Love this list! Only have 48.

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Geocaching 101: Geocaching Glossary of Terms

Geocaching 101: Geocaching Glossary of Terms -

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Nicely done fake stump holding a hidden geocache. (instagram pics by geocachingvimmes stictched together by IBGeocaching) #IBGCp

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Geocaching display case. Wanted a cool place to store all the trinkets we find while geocaching. Found a $7 shadow box at walmart, ordered a cool geocaching vinyl from amazon and now we can display our cach with pride. :)

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Geocaching Swag Ideas - Little Treasures Add Up to Big Geocaching Fun

Part of the fun of geocaching is the trading aspect which makes it seem more like a treasure hunt. Here are some geocaching swag ideas to get you started.

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