One thing I love doing in my garden is observing patterns and witnessing nature.  Growing healthy fresh food is the main reason why I grow food, but  I also love to sit and observe things grow and the life buzzing in the garden. When you learn to build healthy soil you realize that it'

Garden Better with Biodiversity & Wild Pollinators ~

COMMON GARDEN PESTS - We show you how to protect your garden from annoying pests. There are many simple ways to prevent little animals and bugs from ruining your harvest.

Garden Pests Identification & Natural Pest Control Ideas by Pioneer Settler at

Common Garden Pests and How to Manage Them [Infographic]

Use Irish Spring to keep out garden pests. » Curbly | DIY Design Community

Use Irish Spring to Keep Out Garden Pests

You may have heard that gardeners use Irish Spring soap in their gardens.

Kitchen Remedies for Garden Pests #FWx

Some effective pest remedies can be found in the kitchen. Always test homemade remedies on a small portion of the plant to make sure they will not harm it, and never apply on a hot or bright sunny day, which could cause plants to burn.

Controlling Gardening Pests – How To Control Common Pests In The Garden

Gardening Know How - List of all common garden pests and what to do to control them.

12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests

12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests

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15 essential oils for gardening for pest control #gardens#pest#growyourmint

15 Essential Oils For Gardening For Pest Control You Will Have To Use To Keep Vermin Away

12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests  How to Take Back Your Garden Without Using Chemicals

12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests

12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests - Pictures, Descriptions, and Control Measures for the 12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests

Friendly Ways to Battle Garden Pests | Fine Gardening

Friendly ways to battle garden pests. beneficial insects are an environmentally sound alternative to chemicals-Ladybirds/Ladybugs are beautiful and great to have in the garden eating all those leaf-eating pests!

This Graphic Shows How to Defeat Garden Pests with Other Insects

This Graphic Shows How to Defeat Garden Pests with Other Insects

When it comes to gardening, not all insects are bad. For a natural pest control solution, consider welcoming beneficial insects or one of the other DIY pest control options in this infographic.

21 weird things for the garden that actually work! (Pic is irrelevant but article too good to not post)

21 Weird Garden Remedies That Might Make You Look Crazy But That Actually Work

Here are the best non-toxic organic garden  pest control solutions

Call Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control at for a free pest control quote organic pest control solutions

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid Of Common Garden Pests

The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) is a highly destructive plant pest native to Japan as the name suggests. It is not considered a serious pest in