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Gamer Love Story

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Having a child is one of life’s most precious moments, and sharing that joy through baby announcements to your friends and family is just one exciting step in t

This could be us but you play Xbox!

"gamer couples want this!" If you can call yourself a 'gamer couple' you must already HAVE this.

I want this to happen to me one day. Except  I have the pocky stick in my mouth and my own controller in my hand. <3

Haha, I will never have a relationship this perfect. I'll never even have a relationship O_O.nahhhh I won't have a relationship that good

Player 1 & 2 Couple Gamer Heart Couples Mug

Player 1 & 2 Couple Gamer Heart Coffee Mug Set

Gamer Girl & Guy Heart Shaped Controller Lovers Mug Set ~i want this when i get my gamer guy (:~

unless you play league of legends. then it's "kill him! my heal's up in 7 seconds!!" and a variety of other strategic comments.

KILL HIM! >>>>SHE SITS THEIR AND PLAYS (xbox,girlfriend,boyfriend) all the way. but uhh i would tell him to connect another controller and play two player.

How cute is this?

This is my daughter and I because we both work for an airline and we are forever answering people like this. copy, affirmative, what's your location, etc. so this is sooo funny to me!

Best love letter ever!                                                                                                                                                     More

Best love letter ever!