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Here's How 16 Everyday Things Will Look When We All Live In Space

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.

I honestly love Reylo although it might seem bit impossible xc ♡

Their iconic moment will be like… Reylo is basically galactic soap opera, neo Rome-Juli and Kylo Ren is probably space Darcy.

JIM Pourquoi ne suis-je pas une banane? SPOCK parce que votre code génétique a dicté que vous êtes Humain. Cependant, cela vous plaira de savoir que vous partagez 50 à 60% de votre ADN avec la banane. JIM Merci, mec. SCOTTY Vous êtes en train de nous dire que certaines personnes sont 10% plus banane que les autres ?

Star Trek mixed with text post

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13 Funny Star Trek Pictures for Today

Ghost Obi-Wan, he lives on to mess with generations of Skywalker s

Original: it’s a classic jedi move Me: don’t you mean a classic Obi-Wan move?

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Rabbits are cute

Yoda tells Luke that Rey has all the knowledge she needs, he uses the specific word, 'possesses'.

This is the funniest part in the whole movie

Only funny joke in the film. Mostly because you could tell it was marks idea