Yep! Used to be my Captain. Oh Shit!

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I love hockey, but I also love soccer and the fact that the top player is NEYMAR, whose career could have ended due to a broken vertebrae during the last World Cup, is being used to make light of soccer injuries is pissing me off.

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When it comes to largely anonymous Finnish goaltenders, Kari Lehtonen holds a high place in my heart. And like most of my hockey preference.

This is legit one of the funniest most accurate things I have EVER seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DYYYYYYYYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone Says Canadians Are Lovely People

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Well…not ALL hockey teams are gonna be amazing… As long as ya love the sport…all that matters indeed

Rookies go through so much

What I love about this is that during thr game, they hate each other. But when there's not a game, players love each other