OMG this is soooo funny

15 Of The Funniest Drunk Text Conversations Ever. Read these im literally dying laughing right now! << I'm sorry for the your loss. No these are really funny though. You should definitely read them.

This is so me, every time I go to the beach!!! I think the ocean is trying to kill me - LOL

Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii - love the sandy beach here but you will not find me this close to those waves!

If it looks like a rabbit, and it hops like a rabbit, run the other way and fast. That shit is liable to tear your arm off.” ― J.A. Saare, Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between

Eerie Creepy Surreal Uncanny Strange Macabre 不気味 Mystérieux Strano Photography one way to ruin a love of bunnies --V

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Yeah no thats accurate.

Yeah no thats accurate.