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amymebberson: “ Pocket Princesses The Charming Initiative If you are not familiar with The Hawkeye Initiative, just enjoy seeing some Disney boys stripped of their dignity and you’ll pretty much.

Schöne Tasse mit gedruckten Design und Zitat Ich bin 99,9 % sicher, ich bin eine Disney-Prinzessin. Die 0,1 % ist noch nicht traf ich einen Vogel, der

I am 99.9% sure I am a disney princess mug. I haven't met a bird I can talk to yet, Disney inspired gift mug

I am sure i am a disney princess mug. But I can't talk to birds funny mugs. For any frozen, the little mermaid, tangled, beauty and the beast fan

never pause a disney movie

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Pocket Princesses (Part by Amy Mebberson: My fav is 108 it's got the life guard from Lilo and Stitch

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Since Disney owns the rights to Marvel and its properties, seeing Ariel as The Black Widow doesn& seem too far fetched, right? Artist Isaiah Stephens wanted to see how 11 famous Disney princesses would look like as modern pop culture icons.

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What if villans could be beautiful too? Going to point out if Jafar looked that hot in the movie and princess Jasmine grew up around the guy thinking he was all awesome, there might have been a plot twist.

If Disney Princesses had moms the stories would be totally different. - 9GAG

If Disney Princesses had moms the stories would be totally different.

The Evolution of Disney Princesses

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10 Fresh Disney Memes Today!#7 Every girl is a Disney princess.

The reason Cinderella's shoe fell off was because she stepped in pitch on the stairs guys.

"Janear, Jafar, Jawherever you are…"

24 Disney Puns That Will Never Not Be Funny

WHATARE THOOOOSSSE     she is my favorite Disney princess

WHATARE THOOOOSSSE she is my favorite Disney princess