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Christmas Nail Art: French Tipped Bows! (To make the bows, just paint two sideways hearts in the middle of your french, then paint two lines for the ends of the bows.

Love this colour combination and twist on French tip

Mint Candy Apple Menthol Light Green Nail Polish, Nail Color & Nail Lacquer by Essie. Create a beautiful at-home manicure with the soft, light green nail color.

60 Nail Art Ideas To Make You Look Trendy And Stylish

60 Nail Art Ideas To Make You Look Trendy And Stylish

stiletto nails - Google Search

Lana Del Ray& hot little hand: diamonds, red-tipped nails and an M tattoo for good measure

I rarely ever paint my nails anymore, but I've been wanting to try a reverse mani with glitter for a...

Pink with Glitter Reverse French Nails of the Day. (Miss Natty's Beauty Diary)

Reverse Sparkle - Flip things around and try this simple creation, which screams pretty in pink. Gold or silver glitter will work, depending on your preference.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS Nail Art CBR 45 Red Waterslide by NorthofSalem

CHERRY BLOSSOMS Nail Art (CBR) 45 Red Waterslide Transfer Decal Stickers. Great over french manicure or light glitter polish

This is a very nice Trendy Nail Arts Design in nude or pastel colors with rhinestone or diamond or glitters , It gives sophisticated and luxurious looks in your nails. Its just enough glitz to have a stylish yet not overbearing nail art design.

Check out this wonderful Santa hat nail art. Be creative and paint on Santa hat French tips on your nails with stencil embellishments as cascading Christmas balls.

65 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Santa’s Hat Nails. Wallpaper and background photos of Santa’s Hat Nails for fans of Christmas images.

When you want to spice up your nails, you'll probably paint them a bold color or add an unusual twist to a French manicure.

These Unique Flip Manicures Are A Trend You Should Totally Try

A modern manicure studio in SoHo offering classic manicures and a curated selection of nail art.

Nail art nude look

simple french tip with white lace/like accent nail? i love this - it isn't too crazy but it isn't too simple for my Wedding nails.