Chanel by Margaux Motin

September Mood by Margaux Motin. Margaux Motin is a French illustrator (I haven't got a clue where she's to be found), and I'm in love with her style.

Malika Favre - "The New Yorker - Page turner" • un-kitchy, classic art poster…

Cover Story: “Page Turner,” By Malika Favre. “My favorite books are in a poor state—they’re the ones I keep taking on vacation,” Malika Favre says, of her cover for the Summer Fiction Issue.

Cruschiform is the moniker for Marie-laure Cruschi, a French illustrator and graphic designer whose colorful digital works showcase the beauty of rural and urban landscapes.

Cruschiform's Landscapes Created by the Poetry of Simple Modular Forms

vintage french illustration precious stones and minerals collage sheet digital download

1933 Antique Rocks and Minerals Chart Print. Precious stones Crystals Geology Jewerly Wall Art Vintage Home Decor

PoP as Malika Favre

PoP as Malika FavrePoP as Malika Favre

MALIKA FAVRE is a french illustrator/art director based in East London. Favre is genial creating a great power communication with such a few contour lines. In her works she uses clean curved lines, waves of light and games of primary colours.