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I principi della forma. Giuseppe di Napoli. Tutto ciò che vive e tutto ciò che si può comunicare presenta una forma. La forma è una necessità vitale della vita e dell'arte. La forma non è immobile, ma è morfogenesi, trasformazione, informazione e, infine, deformazione. Questo libro esplora i diversi principi che sovraintendono alla vita delle forme artistiche, biologiche, minerali.


SENZA TITOLO LUCA DI BERNARDO Fusaggine su tela preparata. 100 x 100 L'opera pone al centro l'attitudine trasformativa come linguaggio universale tra le forme biologiche e principale canale d'energia del mondo.

Drugs to Be Derived from Insights into Body-Dwelling Bacteria

How plants tell time? Morning glories unfurl their petals like clockwork in the early morning. A closing white waterlily signals that it’s late afternoon. And moon flowers, as their name suggests, only bloom under the night sky. What gives plants this innate sense of time? Dasha Savage investigates how circadian rhythms act as an internal timekeeper for flora and fauna alike.


#Gojis are most commonly available in #dried form, and make a great snack eaten as is, added to #trailmix, muesli or oatmeal. They can also be soaked for a couple of hours in enough water to cover them.

Neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran outlines the fascinating functions of mirror neurons. Only recently discovered, these neurons allow us to learn complex social behaviors, some of which formed the foundations of human civilization as we know it.


How do fingerprints form? Even though many people think it’s random, a lot of it has to do with your genes! Hosted by: Hank Green ---------- Like SciShow? Wa...

Time Tree - the timescale of life. Search to find when various life forms evolved or diverged from other species.

On land, animals leave footprints that tell us a lot about their size, form and capabilities. Marine organisms do this too, but these footprints are harder to see since water is translucent. Bioengineer Kakani Katija explains how she uses dyes, lasers and more to make them visible, so that she and her intrepid collaborators can understand more about how sea organisms move.