9 Rooms That Made Our Jaws Drop to the Floor

When gazing upon the better bedrooms the internet has to offer, it's easy to get discouraged—even bitter: "Sure, my bedroom could look like that if I had a five-figure pillow budget!

Hey, thats really something else! Im seeking a sophisticated way to deal with some of the blankness on my walls, this is nice. Im looking for a lot of tone-on-tone kind of stuff, but something like this has a similar feel as well. I can dig it!

How to Create a Wood Pallet Accent Wall

How to build a pallet accent wall in an afternoon. Includes tips on safe pallets to use, and building wire pathways for mounting a TV. I would use black paper backing between the firing strips and the pallet wood.

Modern Wooden Wall Art

Modern Wooden Wall Art - Perfect focal point for your wall or for a space that needs something special and unique to enliven it. Each piece is made exclusively with locally sourced Black Walnut, White Oak, and Douglas Fir.

15 Rooms That Prove Black Shiplap Is the New White Shiplap

Laundry room focal wall in white Black Shiplap Bathroom: An edgier take on the trend, black shiplap is a great way to combine contemporary and classic. Check out these stunning interiors that embraced shiplap's bolder, moodier side.

Dare To Be Different: 20 Unforgettable Accent Walls

Stone wall for basement- LOVE THIS and the dark wall!: Stone wall for basement- LOVE THIS and the dark wall!

Trend! Geometrics. Use paint and a steady hand to create a focal point in your room. Here we have used Storm, Yes Your Honour, Skylon Grey, Orchard Pink and Graphite http://www.firedearth.com/paint

My focal point gets caught on the wall, especially the pink triangle. The table matches the bed and the floor with the wood and the colors are all neutral/white. The pink is the only burst of color in this section of the picture.

Doing this with 3 gray walls:) Flat paint, then glossy enamel in the same color create a subtle wallpaper-like look. by allisonn