Like the way different flower shapes and butterflies have been used to create a beautiful flower crown. Could use this for either a shape for a hat or details


Seductive and surreal, Anna Halldin-Maule’s figurative paintings are rendered in hyper-realistic perfection. Halldin-Maule is an exciting young artist who.

Miss G Designs The Goddess Collection - Miss G Designs

Awaken your inner Goddess with Miss G Design's handmade headdress collection.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Dready Flower Headdress


Miss G Designs Flower Headdress with Beaded Trim

Lavender & Amethyst Flower Headdress, $325 (I could look at Miss G's shop all day.)

Community Post: This Artist Makes The Coolest Headpieces Ever - This really takes “flower crown” to a completely different level.

Horned Headdress/ Flower Headdress/ Ram Horns/ Flower Crown/ Fawn Headdress…

Horned Headdress/ Flower Headdress/ Ram Horns/ Flower Crown/ Fawn Headdress/ Satyr Headdress/ Satyr/ Fawn/ Bohemian/ Flower Crown/ Fairy

Stunning floral 'hairdressing' by Japanese artist Takaya Hanayuishi | Flowerona

I would probably pass out with excitement if a bride came to me with this as her head piece. Huge fresh flowers in the hair are NEVER out of style!

Modern Fairytale fashion fantasy / karen cox. ♔ once upon a time. #snow queen

"Lady Angelica" by Chad Michaelward / MUA: Akiko Yamakawa / Body Paint: Michael Rosner / Headpiece: Caley Johnson of Miss G Designs / Model: Angelica Kotliar

This stunning headdress is dripping with exotic beauty! Lightweight it sits atop the head with brilliant colors! Giant pink flowers along vibrant

Floral Headdress/ Floral Crown/ Flower Crown/ Flower Headdress/ Frida Kahlo/ Carmen Miranda