3 ways to prepare before you start poking needle felted crafts

A- Mini Textured Felted Wool Bundles from Mary Flanagan: Bundles of 10 different textured wools are all dyed together in the same dye bath. These textures coordinate beautifully when mixing them in hooked rugs, applique and quilting projects.

How to Felt Wool from Thrifted Sweaters

Love felting? Learn to felt wool. Skip the fabric stores this round and head to your local thrift store for high quality material at a fraction of the cost.

How to Make Felted Wool from Old Sweaters

I just know that you’ll find some amazing inspiration for summer amongst these 25 fabulous outdoor spaces and DIY projects.

Recycle Old Sweaters: Learn How to Felt Wool - Do It Yourself

Cutie Pie Pot Holders :: felted wool sweater potholders lined with old tablecloths and blanket stitch around the edges

Felting Tutorial: How to Felt Wool (with or without a washing machine)

How to Make Felted Wool from Old Sweaters

How to Easily Make Felted Wool from Old Sweaters - tutorial for felting wool sweaters in the washing machine to use in sewing and DIY projects.

scraps of felted wool (leftover from bigger projects using recycled wool sweaters) along with other scraps and hand stamped metal tags to create these: << make those hearts & mount them on cards or tags. Me, I'd use them as jewelry Must try!

Probably the cutest thing I ever saw. woonya/ 猫/cat/羊毛フェルト/Needle/Felting/mascot/doll/home/style/products/art/design - Tap the link now to see all of our cool ca

How to use needle felting techniques to update, decorate or even mend a hole in a wool sweater // How to mend a sweater hole in style!

This bag is hand made using wet felting technique that creates a “watercolor” effect. Handles are made of natural leather The bag is lined with fabric.