You made me feel just like the rest of them did. Completely worthless and undeserving. I truly thought you were different and would never hurt me like that! I guess that I thought wrong. It's not the only time I've thought wrong. Oh well.

And One Day, Your Name Didn't Make Me Smile Anymore. I thought about you today and I didn't want you. Thinking about you doesn't make me happy anymore. I don't feel the need to hear your voice anymore or see your face ever again.

Lonely is not being alone, it's the feeling that no one took steps to demostrate that they cared. Jehovah loves you.

you were the one that left out of no where I realize your gonna say all you care about is yourself but stand in my position for a minute.I'm in the hospital have a chance that I am in fact dying & you don't have the love to even call or text m.


~~pinned from site directly~~ . Fun Psychology facts here! I kinda did this at first with him but he hasn't hurt me so I've let him in and its been the best thing I've ever done in my life (let's just hope I didtn jinx anything)

We drink the poison our minds poor for us and wonder why we feel so sick.