Family nurse practitioner salary

Salary booster: Is family nurse practitioner the right career path for you?

Can A Nurse Practitioner Do That? (INFOGRAPHIC) Think you need to hire a physician to fill an opening at your hospital, practice, or organization? Not necessarily: A nurse practitioner (NP) may be able to get the job done, says Tay Kopanos, DNP, NP

Can a Nurse Practitioner Do That? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Thanks to Barton Associates for creating this cool infographic about nurse practitioners. AANP VP of State Government Affairs Dr. Taynin Kopanos was interviewed for the piece.

Nurse Practitioner Salary + Requirements By State

Nurse Practitioner Salary + Requirements By State. Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing, helping Nurse Practitioners find positions with doctor offices in San Diego, CA.

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What do NPs make? What are the best states to be an NP? Find out in our infographic!

Educational infographic & Data Today's Nurse Practitioners Image Description What do NPs make? What are the best states to be an NP? Find out in our infogr

☤ MD ☞✪ Infographic - Vaccinations.

Vaccine Infographic - Shots, shots, shots - EVERYBODY. But seriously, vaccinations are vital to preventing disease. This infographic answers all your what's and when's about immunizations and is a great aide in keeping you and your family healthy.

ANCC vs. AANP: Comparing Nurse Practitioner Certification Exams

A big question for clarity is "Compared to what". Clarity depends on contrast. This relates to marketing because marketers compare their products to other like products. In the common saying "Apple to Oranges" we use clarity.

10 Unique Job Ideas for Nurse Practitioners who are tired for the same old same old. Awesome ideas like telemedicine, technology start-up consulting, locum tenens, and much more!

A list of 10 unusual job opportunities such as telemedicine, product management, legal consulting, and foreign service for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses.