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West Covina - the Musical! (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) Ok here’s the story: I really love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s super smart (a mobius strip joke in a girl power song? Yes please.), it has a realistic outlook on people that could easily be...

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. OMG! Total laugh trip! It's a musical and the lead wrote the whole thing, need I say more?

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Santino Fontana with glasses

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Word! Some coworkers whom you thought were your friend jusy one day flip on the bipolarness!

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Dear CRAZY ex girlfriends.. please understand that while you are talking shit and not letting go of your past... We laugh at how lame you are.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Crazy ex-girlfriends | A message for my husband's crazy ex-girlfriend

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Me, at 80 years old showing up to my husbands ex girlfriends job to remind her once again, she aint shit.

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PEG!!! (Psycho Ex Girlfriend!) I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

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Miranda Lambert Nashville Star | Miranda Lambert: A Nashville Star runner up, this firecracker proves ...

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