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ZCUT #7 INTERVAL TRAINING 12 MINUTI 3 ROUNDS - 40 sec. di lavoro per ogni esercizio - no stop tra un esercizio e il successivo - impostate il vostro timer su 15 intervalli da 40 sec. - • Sumo jump squat to jump squat • Side hops • Burpee,roll over.knee hug • Mountain climbers • Plank(mani-gomiti)

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12 Incredible Abs Exercises You Should Know

Mountain Climber | The Only 12 Abs Exercises You Need To Know


Plus Size core exercises that does not require getting up and down off of the floor! When I started at over 350 lbs, I truly needed help getting off of the couch and getting a strong core seemed like an impossibilty. I discovered it is, thanks to modifications. Please visit my YouTube Channel at CoachTulin to see how I modify these exercises! - Plank - knee raises - Mountain climbers - Pilates - Yoga - Crunches - and more standing upright, using the wall, or the side of a sturdy chair!

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Lose Your Pooch! 5 Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Lose Your Pooch! 5 Best Exercises for Lower Abs - Young Hip Fit