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Shooting in Manual Mode can be a little difficult. So we are here to help ease your pain. Check out this super awesome manual mode cheat sheet! Many thanks to Shot Rockers for putting together this amazing guide. This is one of the first things that any beginner photographer will frantically search online to figure …

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Aperture is a confusing topic for beginners in photography – it controls so many variables in your images, from exposure to depth of field, which can make it quite difficult to grasp initially. To make matters worse, the F-numbers of aperture are backwards from what you may expect! A small aperture is a large F-number, and a large aperture is a …

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Tudo sobre Profundidade de Campo - Leia Agora!

Profundidade de Campo - um Guia completo para você entender como funciona a profundidade de campo na fotografia.

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How to capture steam in food photography : DIY


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For my next project, I'm photographing sea shells. I don't have a soft box, but came up with this really simple trick and it's such an elegant (and cheap and handy) solution for small objects/macro...

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Colourful studio portraits ~ Techniques and Pictures

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Autumn memories -

Nessa foto de Luke Sharrat, o Photoshop transformou uma fotografia de casamento em pura fantasia e romantismo!

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30 Wonderful iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Wallpapers


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