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“doppia ernia ombelicale in donna di 31 anni”, italy, 1900s ( Double umbilical hernia in women of 31 years old)


CRETINISMO IPOTIROIDISMO Caratteristiche cliniche del Cretinismo comprendono: alterato sviluppo dell'app scheletrico, del SNC, grave ritardo mentale, bassa statura, tratti facciali grossolani, lingua protundente ed ernia ombelicale

ernia ombelicale

Le #infezioni #urinarie nei #bambini: la strategia vincente è riconoscerle

Credit: Science Museum, Wellcome Library, London. The double-ended blood transfusion apparatus meant that the recipient and donor of the blood could be hooked up to the same device. The whole process took thirty minutes. The apparatus was invented by Dr Louis Jubé, whose name is printed on the lid of the tin.

Plaster models World War II facial reconstruction models.


Museum of Anatomical Waxes “Luigi Cattezneo” (Museo Delle Cere Anatomiche “Luigi Cattaneo”): Bologna, Italy Large-scale anatomical model of the eye; 19th Century?


Outstanding collection of obstetrical models, realized by Giovan Battista Manfredini in Modena between 1773 and 1775 Anatomical Museum in Modena (Italy)


Victorian woman using a breast pump. if you thought current breast pumps were gross....think again!

A woman working in science classroom at the Montréal Neurological Institute, 1954.Library and Archives Canada