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Being an engineer you might have to be independent and stand out a bit. I have a shirt that says engineers aren't boring, we just get excited over boring things.

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Trust Me, I’m An Engineer

The water hose bottle thing is real it conserves water and spreads it out evenly especially when watering plants

Life of an Engineering College Student. I have to admit it's spot on.

Cruelly Honest Life Depiction of an Engineering College Student

Engineer Nutritional Facts Label Mug. Contains engineering humor. Gift ideas for engineers. (National Engineers Week)

10 Unique Gifts To Get For The Engineers

Engineering Gifts Engineer Nutritional Facts Label Science Math Gift Coffee Mug Tea Cup White

I am going to pretend that I am smart enough to think this is funny.

Hmmm, it's not the "final velocity equals initial velocity plus acceleration times time" it's the "force equals mass times change in velocity over change in time". So, it's not the speed of the fall, but the force of the landing. *g* oh, physics!

Dance Lessons for Engineers

I will be collecting different pieces of math humour I find on the net and posting them here.

I married that moon.  Some days I have to tell him that his engineer is showing, but somehow we manage.

What it means to be an engineer…

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Arguing engineer Women's Classic T-Shirt

Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After a few minutes you realize the pig likes it t-shirt shirt or tee. Get this funny humorous Arguing with an engineer shirt today!

I am not an engineer nor am I dating one, but I still appreciate this as nerd humor :)

reasons to date an engineer? Ya I don't buy any of that after dating an engineer lol