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French Garde du Corps du Roi M1814 Officers Helmet

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Deurne Roman Helmet, 3rd-4th Cent CE. This type directly influenced the later Frankish, Germanic, and Norse helms.

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Awesome Ancient Armor photo

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Ancient helmet of armor

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Tatar soft helmet (Шапка бумажная), 17 c. Used by Ermak - conqueror of Siberia, the Russian commander of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

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A closed helmet, provenance: Holland dating: second quarter of the 17th Century.

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Turban helmet

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Parade Helmet - Milan 1540-1550 The State Hermitage Museum: Collection Highlights

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virtual-artifacts: Chinese chichak-style helmet, Ming Dynasty

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Lamellar helmet of the type Niederstotzingen, Grave 12 Niederstotzingen, District of Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The lamellar helmet of Niederstotzingen is a type that derives from the Asian area, introduced to Europe by the Avars, among others. Comparable helmets have been found in Kerch, Castel Trosino, and Nocera Umbra as well as other sites

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