Celtic Dragon Tattoo | Dragon tattoo for the back by ~Sakashima on deviantART

the dragon i want is specifically a japanese dragon, so this one's out of the question, but still looks good.

Tribal dragon back design.  I like it, save for the spade at the end of the tail and how the wings aren't furled out a bit more...

50 Dragon Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Minus the devil's spade-shaped tail, simplify and very slightly feminize the wings and body. Tribal dragon back design

thought this'd be nice stile to use for the back of the dress I am using for the alphonose mucha project, and my new oc.

dreadfulstripper: “ game-of-style: “ Nymeria Sand - Roberto Cavalli Snake Strap Back Gown(x) - submitted by thestraightcurve ” i have a MIGHTY NEED ”

Amazing black dragon back piece – done by Genko

As a tattoo artist, I have often noticed that a lot of people do not know the difference between a Japanese tattoo and a Chinese tattoo.

Baby dragons, books, candles... what more could you ask for?

A simple drawing of three hatchling dragons from a while ago, but it's always been a favorite. x pencil & ink, Three Draggins