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FINALLY a picture of Draco how I imagined him for the most part

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WHO ELSE LOVES DRACO MALFOY?!? *crickets* :-( forever alone <---- I love Draco Malfoy

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Tom Felton - What is in that Hogwarts water??? -he could be in the outsiders. Ponyboy when he dies his hair in the old church!!

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I hate it when people in fanfics and such makes it seem like Lucius don't care about his son. He might have not been so good at showing it, but he obviously loved Draco very much.

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Tom Felton can be so lovely to look at sometimes.

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"Nadie me puede ayudar", dijo Malfoy. Todo su cuerpo estaba temblando. "No puedo hacerlo ... no puedo. No va a funcionar ... y si no lo hago pronto ... Dice que me va a matar ... "

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Harry Potter aawwww. Right in the feels

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Tom sur le tournage

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❄❤ Oooookay.... I'm not sure what just happened. ..

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Tom Felton - seja como Draco ou qualquer outro personagem que Felton pegue nas mãos o cara dá um banho de talento .

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