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Annie ha superato i trent'anni, è single e al verde, e sta per entrare nel vorticoso mondo delle damigelle d'onore: la sua migliore amica Lillian, infatti, sta per sposarsi e le ha chiesto di essere la sua prima damigella. Annie si lancia quindi in tutti i rituali richiesti ed entra in contatto con Helen, Rita, Becca e Megan, le altre damigelle, ma presto si renderà conto di quanto difficile sia portare perfettamente a compimento tutti i doveri della brava damigella...

Easy A (2010)

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Bridget Jones

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Free Bachelorette Party Songs Playlist | The House of Bachelorette - The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Supplies Store!

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Why Are You Single?

Why are you single? quiz from @BuzzFeed I got:You got: You’re too perfect. Simple Plan ain’t got nothing on you. Smashing Pumpkins? Nothing. Bet you don’t even know that song. Doesn’t even matter. You’re like a sculpture by Leonardo Divinci. masterfully put together and often naked. You’re too good for anyone, anyway.

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The 55 Most Romantic Movies Guaranteed to Put You In the Mood

Say Anything. Another good love story. He really proves and stands up, and goes after what he wants no matter what. .

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Sixteen Candles (1984)

One of my faves! Sixteen Candles (1984) Poster.

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How Lady-Like Are You?

50%! How Lady-Like Are You?Your right there in the middle. Some days you put manners first other days you just don't care. You like to wear comfy yet presentable clothing. Your not afraid to be the man when needed to be. Embrace yourself!

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Where am I? Board. I used as much glitter as possible. The circle spun, so I could change it based on where I was. It worked really well, but the tack sometimes fell out which was a bit of an inconvenience.

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How Long Would You Survive In Prison?

1 week I will survive in prison take the quiz. See how long you can survive.

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