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Perdere i capelli per la chemioterapia è spesso uno shock per le donne colpite dal tumore. In un momento di fragilità fisica e psicologica la scomparsa dei capelli, simbolo di femminilità, è un duro colpo. Per questo in Canada un gruppo di 5 tatuatrici ha creato Henna Heals, un'associazione che realizza meravigliosi tattoo all'henné sulla testa delle pazienti per renderle bellissime. Fiori, messaggi di speranza, simboli prendono così il posto della chioma e ridanno il sorriso alle donne…


Kenji Kawamoto: Yopparai Tengoku -- My photographs are a record of the people who have reached their limit and exhausted their strength after the daily grind. I took these pictures with a true feeling of respect for the people in them. I don’t believe the state my subjects are in is shabby in any way.

Jimmydoro: Even the hard working women do have time out.


Bless the lobstermen and women! Hard work for sure!


Its hard work being a strong woman


Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010: recent entries, 10 September 2010

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The Bible is clearly on board with women doing a variety of hard work.

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10 Motivational Quotes: Reminds You That Nothing Gets You There Faster Than Hard Work

I never dreamed about succes. I worked for it. -Estee Lauder There is no replacement for hard work, it’s the special sauce in life. Doesn’t matter how talented your competitors are, hard work outdoes it. If you’re in need of a reminder to reach that next goal, here is 10 of the best hard work quotes to keep you on task. Now get to work! Work harder than you think you did yesterday.   Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.   I have not failed, I’ve…